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cattle - Google Calendar in your Terminal

cattle is an npm package that allows you to access your Google calendar through your terminal. Once the package is complete, you will be able to read events from your calendar in your terminal as well as add new events into it. After these features are complete, we will look to expand the package to include other calendar and to-do applications.


$ npm install -g cattle

This will not work yet, as the package has not been published - but this is the basic npm install command. Cattle depends on Node.js and npm. Also make sure that git is installed.


We welcome contributions of all kinds from anyone.

In order to get started contributing, visit the calendar quickstart page from Google to get your credentials.json file to put in the root directory of the project. This way we don’t have to push secret keys to the repo - don’t worry, yours wont be pushed. credentials.json is in the .gitignore.


Made with 💖 by Jaken Herman and other contributors Licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE