I’ve been learning the German language for quite some time now, and the distinction between when I should use Bereit versus when I should use Fertig never really clicked for me.

Google Translate is really no help on the issue. “bist du bereit?” translates to “Are you ready?”, and “bist du fertig?” translates to “you ready?”.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but using “fertig” makes sense when you’re describing the end of an event, whereas “bereit” works when you’re describing the beginning of, or the anticipation of an event.

In context, bereit being at the beginning of an event, or in anticipation of an event :

Ich bin bereit für essen der Kuchen

Probably not extremely grammatically correct, but close enough to “I am ready to eat the cake”.

In context, fertig being at the end of an event:

Der Kuchen ist fertig zum essen

Again, probably not totally correct grammatically, but close enough to “The cake is ready to eat”.

So basically “I am ready” would be “Ich bin bereit”, because it implies an anticipation of an event, and “It is ready”, as in “It is finished” would be “Es ist fertig”.