For the record, I finished Slaughterhouse Five, and it was a great book. Now onto the next one (tbd).

I’ve spent so much time working with git at work lately and I have to advise you all that if you’re working with a Xamarin app — use Team Foundation instead. I don’t know why but git really grinds my gears.

Any how, on to the first topic. Open Houses. We went to about 20 of them, none of which had the cool little snacks or beverages or anything like that to get you interested. That had me a bit peeved. We saw some great houses from new construction to homes built in the 70s. We didn’t really enjoy any of them enough to put down an offer on them though — until we got to the last house. The last house we went to was beautiful, big, and within our budget. The only bad thing was… we were sure it was going to sell quick and we weren’t necessarily looking for our house, we were just looking at houses in our price range to see what we’d be able to get.

It was so great, however, that I spent that night reworking the budget 18 different ways to find a way to come up with the down payment in time. And I did. So, we put in an offer the next day and they accepted.

Okay, so now that we’re in contract I have to say this — buying a house sucks. Not the actual part where you get a house, but the house buying process. Option fees, Appraisals, Inspections, Earnest money, PMI, HOA, and various other three lettered acronyms that mean “give me more money”.

All in all, though, I am excited. This house is well within our means and it is great. I’ll be sure to post a photo of it once we’re actually in it.

Next topic: Collective Soul. Yes, the band from the 90s that you only know one of their songs. My wife calls me while I’m at work and says “Hey, do you like 3 doors down?” and I told her I really have no opinion on them, because I never really was into them. She then tells me she won luxury box seats to go see 3 doors down at the pavilion in the woodlands. Excited about getting a night out among the stresses of home-buying, we decide to go.

On the way there, we’re listening to Kryptonite trying to get pumped up about a band neither of us listen do and then she says “Okay, so I’m looking at the ticket. Apparently some band named Collective Soul is the opening act”.

This is where I almost wreck the truck in excitement. She’s never heard of Collective Soul. I play “Heavy” and “Shine” and “December”. Long story short, we end up watching Collective Soul (they were awesome) and then leaving during 3 doors down’s set.

Thanks for reading another one of my mind dumps. Again, they serve no real value other than for me to clear my head.