This is just a brain dump. I have to put down in words everything that’s on my mind so I can focus. This post has nothing to do with Software Engineering concepts, Mobile App development, or technology in any way.

I’m buying a house. A bit last minute. I was planning on renting again, but the wife brought up some good points against renting and for just simply buying, so we’re doing it. Because we started the process so late, we’re living like crazy people right now to save up a ton of money very, very quickly. I went through the process of going to NerdWallet and LendingTree etc. to shop mortgages, and let me tell you — huge mistake. I have received nonstop phone calls from those vultures. Speaking of, like Betelgeuse, I just got another as I typed that last sentence. Either way, I should be making offers on houses in the first week of August and closing on the first week of September, so wish me luck.

I started reading Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut for my book club and so far, I really enjoy it. I usually don’t enjoy fiction, but this one is working for me. I typically only enjoy reading personal finance, biographies, and other nonfiction genre books — but Vonnegut’s writing style is so easy to read and leaves so much for the reader to interpret as they may. So it goes.

Because we’re trying to save as much money as we can very quickly in order to purchase a home, we made a quick switch to boxed dinners/lunches. I know, it sounds gross, I know, it’s unhealthy, but you can’t deny that dinner for $0.82 isn’t appealing to a young married couple trying to buy a house. To me, they’re actually really tasty. They’re so easy to cook, I finish dinner within 20 minutes and then we’re back to house hunting, which I like. For lunches when we don’t have a box to go from I’ve been just doing rice, beans, and some meat. Brooklyn can’t stand it - she doesn’t like the beans, but then again, a bag of beans costs less than a dollar.

Congratulations, you made it to the end of my brain dump. This served no real purpose other than for me to clear my head while I have my morning coffee. Enjoy your day.