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R for Data Science Ch1

My solutions for chapter 1 example problems from O'Reily's 'R for Data Science'.

Configuring + Installing Chadwick for Parsing Retrosheet Data

With VirtualBox + Vagrant Installed, the last thing we need before parsing Retrosheet data is to have Chadwick configured and installed.

Setting up VirtualBox+Vagrant

Setting up the VirtualBox + Vagrant Environment

MLB Draft '20 By The Numbers

A few simple visuals breaking down the MLB Draft '20 Rounds 1-5

Fetching and Displaying API Data for MLB The Show 19

Building a Community Market listing React App for MLB The Show 19 [Part 2]

Dynamic HTML Titles in React with NFL's Helmet

Update HTML document head on the fly with react-helmet

Setting up Automatic React Application Deploys on Heroku Dynos

Building a Community Market listing React App for MLB The Show 19 [Part 1]

DailyUI Challenge 002

Credit Card Payments

How to put your Android device in Developer Mode

Developer mode unlocks options for USB debugging

How to Learn a New Programming Language

The best way to learn any language is to simply just use it.

Creating Firebase Cloud Functions in TypeScript

Before JavaScript classes were introduced, object methods and constructors were handled a bit differently.

Golf, Shaving, and Huey Lewis

Just the 'Stache

Creating Objects in JavaScript using Prototyping

Before JavaScript classes were introduced, object methods and constructors were handled a bit differently.

Tying Python’s tkinter Radiobuttons together for single selection allowance

I have set up some Radiobuttons in Tkinter (Python 3). These are btOrange and btPurple. I need to make sure that only one of them can be selected at a time. How can I do this?

Implementing Apache Cordova Push Notifications in Android using Firebase

Firebase Cloud Messaging (or FCM) is a great cross platform messaging solution that is completely 100% free. Today, I’ll walk you through the process of creating push notifications in your Android Apache Cordova application using Firebase.

Introduction to the Singleton pattern in C#

One of the most known, popular patterns in software engineering is the singleton pattern. What is a singleton? A singleton is a class that is written in such a way that it only allows a single instance of itself to be created, and usually has an access method to obtain the instance. You may choose to use a singleton, for example, if your program has some kind of shared resource like an in-memory cache.

Subfactorials — Another twist on Factorials

Let’s look at the subfactorial, which is defined as the derangement of a set of n objects, or a permutation of the elements of a set such that no element will appear in its original position. We’re going to denote it as !n, but note that there is no standard notation agreed upon for the subfactorial function.

Stop the interruptions. Turn on Windows Presentation Settings

There’s nothing quite like presenting your screen to an audience of important people or to a group of your coworkers during a meeting and having an email come through from Mint with the subtitle “You’ve spent $300 this month on Pubs & Bars”. Let's fix that.

Enable Floating Video in Google Chrome

This one line of JavaScript allows you to have a floating Google Chrome window to watch YouTube, Twtich, and other media sources while you're working.

Perfectly Balanced Strings

Given a string containing only the characters x and y, find whether there are the same number of xs and ys.

The Difference Between Bereit and Fertig

I’ve been learning the German language for quite some time now, and the distinction between when I should use Bereit versus when I should use Fertig never really clicked for me.

Cooking with Friends

Here is a video of my friends and I making pork Chateaubriand with red wine sauce, french onion soup, and homemade cinnamon rolls for dessert.

Hiking W.G. Jones State Forest (North Side) Adventure

A few weeks back, Brooklyn and I hiked the North side of the W.G. Jones State Forest.

The Herman Honeymoon in Ireland

A little over a year ago, I married my wife. For our anniversary, we sat down and edited our honeymoon video together. It took about three days to get it done, but it was an experience for us, and we got to relive our honeymoon experiences through the process.

Writing D.R.Y. HTML with .Net Helper Classes

There have been far too many times I’ve looked at HTML that I’ve written (and that others have written) where I’ve thought to myself “this is terrible.” Up to 100 lines of code all doing the exact same thing over and over again. If you had to make a change in the code, you’d need to do it on every single occurrence of the code block. Luckily, this can be avoided with HTML .NET Helper classes.

A Recursive Dice-Rolling Simulator

Who needs physical dice for D&D when you have a computer and recursion?

Knuth’s up-arrow notation

Let's look at a recursive function to calculate Knuth's up-arrow notation.

Open Houses, Collective Soul, and The Offer

This is actually happening.

Mortgage Companies, Slaughterhouse Five, and Hamburger Helper

I’m buying a house